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Welcome Genesis Awards Attendees! handed out over 250 samples of Vegan Snack Foods at the 22nd Genesis Awards! The giveaway was well worth it just knowing that people who actually appreciate the concept of vegan snack foods were in attendance. These vegan food samples are for YOU! (sorry Sparky and Cosetta, but you have plenty of toys and samples in the Genesis gift bag to play with, the vegan snack food samples are for mom and dad).


Thank you for visiting You don't have to be a vegan to eat like a vegan. The imbalance in the fast food industry between the availability of vegan food versus food products made from animals that have been imprisoned, tortured, and or murdered is scandalously out of whack. Consuming vegan food products even if you are not vegan shows forward thinking and a conscience. Thanks for considering Vegan Food Products as part of your diet.

You can go directly to to view all the incredible wholefood farmacy vegan products and how to order them, or you can first read my vegan snack food and vegan meal reviews.

I found Fruitalicious to be a terrific tasty and light snack. I'm finding Wholefoods Farmacy Foods to be both light and filling at the same time. As a result I have already started losing weight without feeling the weight loss pangs I used to feel on other diets.

Vegan Food products can help you choose whether you want to design a diet around these vegan foods or simply enjoy them as a great substitute to sugary processed candy, or as an excellent substitute to a non vegan meal. Even if you aren't sure you can be a full time vegan, it makes little sense to avoid these great vegan foods.

Apple Cinnamon Phi
Another Vegan Delight.

Apple Cinnamon Phi is another excellent dense, raw vegan food. Apple Cinnamon Phi can be eaten either as a snack or as a light meal for those on the go. The ziplock container can be sealed so not only can one snack throughout the day as time permits, the bag can be reused afterwards. Apple Cinnamon Phi is also easy on the nostrils, I not only love the taste, the smell is fantastic also.

Coco Cherry Phi
Raw, Tasty, and Dense, and its Vegan too!

Coco Cherry Phi is another excellent and tasty vegan snack food you won't regret ordering. Coco Cherry Phi has a similar consistency to Phi Plus, but with more of a decadent taste. All of the Whole Food Farmacy vegan products have a ziplock seal so they can be enjoyed at ones convenience. Perfect for those days when you might be traveling all day and you're not sure you'll find a restaurant to your liking. An excellent snack food when you're trying to avoid a junk food meal on the go.